Anna Pavlakis

I create powerful transformational change through Shamanic Healing programs for my committed clients so they can embody their personal power and achieve their goals with joy and ease.

Anna Pavlakis is a Master Healer, Shaman, Way-Shower, Spiritual Counselor, Channel, Teacher,  and Writer. Anna’s mission is to awaken and guide others so that they may align with their souls and fullest Divine potential. As we release and clean the programs and old beliefs carried in our subconscious minds and cellular memories, we claim our personal power, and no longer look outside ourselves for love, approval, validation and healing.

Anna Pavlakis has given workshops in New York City at the Aveda Flagship Store, the Edgar Cayce Center (A.R.E.), the New York Theosophical Society, East-West Living Bookstore, the Alignment Center, and other venues. In Spain she has led various workshops, guided meditations and journeys, rituals, and Earth grid work in Barcelona, Seville and Valencia. Anna has appeared on the Staten Island, New York cable TV show “Second Sight.” She has been a guest twice on the Blogtalk Radio Show “Birthday Readings with Carol and Healers,” as well as a regular guest on Sacred Segments, a bi-weekly Zoom spiritual gathering. She has done live channelings at Wesak 2010, 2011 and 2012 in NYC and Hancock, NY, and has done readings and healings at the New Life Expo in NYC, the Awaken Wellness Fair in Fort Lee, NJ, the Theosophical Society’s Psychic Fairs, the Divine Star Wellness Fairs at the A.R.E., and other events.

Anna has studied and trained with gifted Feng Shui masters, Shamans from the Tibetan, Siberian and Native American traditions,  Reiki masters, Ascension teachers, and is now working with her non-physical Spiritual teachers.

Integrated Soul Healing services, including Shamanic work, channeled and intuitive guidance and mentoring are available in person in the Altea, Spain area, or online.

Contact Anna at:


Tel: +34 685 472 629

Skype: Anna.pavlakis17 (please include a message in your contact request, so that I know it is not Skype spam!)

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