I move energy. This distills my work to its essence. I was born intuitive and sensitive, with a deep love for Nature and the Earth. After living and teaching in Asia for several years I returned to the United States, where a series of painful personal events shook me up and I embarked on a spiritual journey, having realized that all my life, in all the places I have lived, worked and traveled, very powerful changes – in people and surroundings – followed on the heels of my arrival. I felt guided to study Feng Shui, which led me to study Reiki and other forms of energy healing, and in 2007 I began channeling the many beings of the Highest Light who have honored me with their messages and wisdom. Today I move energy for the purpose of healing through Integrated Soul Healing™ sessions, space clearing, Divine Feng Shui, and everything else I do. I consider my role to be a facilitator, a clear channel for information and energies of Light, dedicated to helping people heal body, mind and spirit. My mission is to empower my clients and students with the tools they need to live in the fullest expression of their Divine Selves. I believe that we are all Sovereign Beings and that the wisdom of our Higher Selves can guide us when we learn how to listen. People find their way to me when they are ready and willing for something to shift in their lives. They sense I’m the right practitioner for them. If my work is right for you, you too will probably just know, and I’m at your service to determine the best way I can help you.

In Service,
Anna Pavlakis



*What is “Integrated Soul Healing™ “?

Integrated Soul Healing™ is a shamanic technique I have developed from years of deep spiritual practice, a form of channeled journey that facilitates personal healing of the mind, body, and spirit.  My technique differs from a traditional shamanic journey in that I remain in direct verbal communication with you throughout the process (rather than describe the journey afterwards). Sharing channeled visions and messages as I receive them keeps them fresh and immediate and allows you to pick up on details whose significance you alone may understand and find useful.  Channeled information guides us to the original source of the issues that cause the blockages that may be preventing you from feeling fully integrated within yourself. These may be rooted in soul loss from personal trauma, deeply embedded family patterns, ancestry, past lives and other incarnations, soul contracts and karmic debt. Issues that can arise for healing may show up as energetic imbalances, negative programming, attachments, “implants” or “devices” that are clogging your body’s energy grid – literally, energetic gunk. These may express themselves outwardly through negative psychological patterns, or physical or spiritual symptoms. Once found, I clear your energy field by removing them. Every person’s needs are unique, and this is only one kind of healing. Your personal situation may call for soul retrieval, ending karmic contracts, or other issues of the Spirit.   Working together, with, and through a connection to Higher Consciousness, your highest good is always at the heart of the process. No issue will reveal itself before you are ready to free yourself of it and move  forward.

*What are the benefits of Integrated Soul Healing™?

A very deep and transformational healing can occur, resulting in improvements in any area of your life. Clients have reported major shifts in their circumstance and physical well-being, improved relationships, greater peace and balance in all areas of their lives, greater ability to achieve goals, and an increased awareness of and alignment with their personal power and authentic selves.

* What is “Divine Feng Shui™”?

Divine Feng Shui™ unites the essential principles of Feng Shui with channeled information from the Masters of the Light: the Cosmic, Galactic, and Planetary Masters, the Angelic Realms, and the Earth Spirits.This takes the Feng Shui consultation to another level, resulting in a very deep reading of the energies of your home or business.

* How can Divine Feng Shui™ help me?

A physical environment can be spiritually and energetically unwell, as much as a human being can. You, your health, your relationships, your business and finances, are all affected by the energetic health of the places you spend most of your time – your home and your business. Divine Feng Shui™ can help heal your home, your mind, your body, and your spirit, helping your general well-being, relationships, finances, career, and spiritual growth. It gives you a deeper understanding of how you relate to your space, and how the harmonic energetic flow in a physical space can create harmony in your life.

*What other services do you offer?

Shamanic Entity/Implant Extraction, Intuitive Counseling, space clearing, energy healing, channeled messages and personal meditations from the Masters of Light, and Reiki. I am a Certified Reiki Level II Practitioner and Feng Shui Practitioner.  In addition, I am available to give lectures, classes and workshops in Ascension, spiritual growth and practice, 9 Star Ki astrology, and Feng Shui.