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As human beings, we are all born with certain inalienable rights. Most of us who have been born in a democratic country learn this from a young age. These rights are ours just by virtue of us having been born into a human body. They are Divinely given, and cannot be taken away by any being or non-spiritual law. However, these rights are not only for those incarnating on Earth into a human body, but for all Souls, in all realities, dimensions, universes, galaxies. These rights are beyond human (or the equivalent) law. These rights are part of our original Covenant with Source/God/Creator. When we first came into existence in the Oneness of Source, we were not individuated, and there was no need for our Souls to do anything with this concept. It wasn’t until later, as we moved into Duality, with all of its complications, that the importance of this became clear. Now, for those of us who have chosen to be incarnated here on Earth at this time, it has become vital for us to understand and embrace these inalienable rights because embodying them is at the root of being able to exist in a state of Love rather than Fear, and therefore essential to the spiritual journey of our Souls.

When you walk in Sovereignty, knowing, claiming and embodying your Divine Rights as an incarnated Soul, nothing can really touch you. You become fearless. You become ready to fight for them because they are a part of you. They are not something that’s nice to have, but that you can give away. Here’s the thing: You can’t give them away and no one can take them away. Many people are under the assumption that their rights can be taken away by a government or other authoritative body. But they can’t. They are inalienable rights. They belong to you. They are a part of you. They’re yours whether you want them or not. They were given to you by Source/God/Creator, and there isn’t a return policy. Oh, to be sure, the Darkness that has been overlighting this planet for a long time would like you to think that they can be taken away. And, on the surface, it may seem that they are being taken away. For example, many people think that they must allow themselves to be injected, whether they want to or not, with a foreign substance they know next to nothing about in order to be able to have this life, liberty and pursuit of happiness that they have heard about. No! Those are your inalienable rights! No one and nothing has the authority to take them away from you or to impose conditions on having them. There are no conditions. Period. You might have been convinced that there are conditions, or that there should be, but there aren’t.

Which brings me to the Spiritual Law of Non-Interference. This means that no one has the right to violate your Sovereignty. No one has the right to invade your energy body or your physical body. No one has the right to psychically tune into you, send you healing energy, tamper with your DNA, invade your physical body and privacy, place their energy in your space or infiltrate your energy and physical body in any way without your permission. Anyone or anything that violates this law is operating in the realm of Darkness. Their intentions may be good, as, for example, when someone sends Reiki to a friend who’s experiencing difficulty or health problems, but it is still a violation. So, it is an absolute violation of this law to try to force someone to do something to their body that is against their will. So, what the Darkness tries to do is to manipulate people into giving their permission, and they do this with their biggest weapon: fear. If they can get you into a state of fear, they know they can probably manipulate you into doing what they want you to do, and you’ll have given your consent, so they’re off the hook. They get what they want, and, trust me, it’s not for your benefit. They do not exist in a state of Love, and they do not care about the welfare of your Soul.

This is why it is essential to embody your Sovereignty, to walk fearlessly knowing your inalienable rights as a child of God/Source/Creator, and to walk in LOVE not FEAR. Know your Inalienable Rights. Know your Power. Know you are Sovereign.

© Copyright 2021 Anna Pavlakis

Dark Moon


I’m 53 years old. I have been “officially” in my Crone time, my menopause, since August of 2017, a year after my last period. I have come to embrace this time of power and inner understanding, and to love it. I had felt some sadness at saying goodbye to the part of myself that my periods had represented to me: my fertility, my inner juiciness, and an important aspect of my sexuality. I felt that I wouldn’t be as sexual, somehow. That idea left pretty quickly, as I realized it just wasn’t true; I was as sexual as ever, but in a more embodied and empowered way.

Last night was the New, or Dark, Moon. I felt the need all weekend to go inward, to stay home and be solitary, to sleep, to cook delicious food, to meditate, to channel, and to just BE. Later on in the evening, I facilitated a journey with a soul sister also on the Shamanic path, also in her Crone time.

About that word “Crone.”  Among those who are not interested in continuing the patriarchal systems of the planet’s more recent history was Mary Daly (1928- 2010). She spoke admiringly of Crones in  Gyn/Ecology: The Metaethics of Radical Feminism:

 “Crones can well be suspicious of dictionaries which, in listing possible etymologies for crone, suggest that it is ‘derived from a term meaning carrion. The OED discusses this possibility, but also suggests that crone is probably from carogne, meaning ‘a cantankerous or mischievous woman.’ This meaning seems somewhat appropriate. It is noteworthy that Merriam-Webster gives as the etymology of crone the Greek cronos, meaning long-lasting, which in turn is from chronos, meaning time. It would seem eminently logical to think that crone is rooted in the word for ‘long-lasting,’ for this is what Crones are.”

I am Crone. Hear me cackle.

So, imagine my surprise when, after doing a very powerful New Moon meditation and journey, in which we tapped into our magical abilities to manifest whatever we want, hours later I got my period. I just stood there in surprise, not sure what to think or do, much like I felt when I had my first period at age 11.

I did a Sabian Symbol Oracle reading for myself regarding what this means, and burst out laughing at the symbol I got: Aquarius 27: An Ancient Pottery Bowl Filled With Violets. That about sums it up, doesn’t it?

Today I went out and bought myself some pads (after recently giving away the last ones I had), and understood why lately I have been losing my patience and craving chocolate cake.

The moral of this story is that we are magical beings who can experience renewal and new growth at any time. There are no limits for us except those we believe in. We are, in truth, limitless beings, capable of so much more than we think. I know this period is a small thing, and that many women experience it after menopause, but to me it’s enough to remind me of my magic.



Being “on the Spiritual Path,” we are told repeatedly to focus on Love and Light.  There is nothing wrong with this, per se, as the truth is that we are Love, we are Light, we are Source.  We are One with All that Is.  For people like me, this is simply the truth and what we hold on to.  So, what happens when you go through an extremely difficult and traumatic experience?  What happens when, despite having been diligently doing the work, monitoring your thoughts, focusing on the positive, feeling appreciative for all the good in your life, everything goes to hell?  What happens when you feel cheated, lied to, betrayed by the one thing that was a fundamental part of who you are: your spirituality?

It’s not that you really believe you have been cheated and lied to; you know better.  You know that this is your Ego, or your Negative Ego, asserting itself. You know that these are ancient programs that are being activated, and that quite possibly you intentionally activated them in order to facilitate a spiritual crisis, which would lead to soul growth and development.  You trust, deep down, that this is part of your Soul’s Plan, and that you will emerge from the darkness stronger and better and wiser.

But this doesn’t stop your darkness from emerging and making itself known loud and clear.  This darkness that you thought you had eradicated, or risen above, transcended… comes back in full force, mocking you.  You thought you had gotten rid of me?  Silly fool, it whispers to you.

Many healers, shamans, and other people who devote their lives to Spirit experience at some point a spiritual crisis, perhaps more than once.  This often comes after a period of intense spiritual growth. It’s as though we put a check on ourselves, that we can only advance to a certain degree, and then have to put the brakes on.  I  don’t know if this is due to self-sabotaging programs in our subconscious minds, an implant that was put into us to prevent our spiritual growth, or simply a need to re-calibrate and adjust to the new frequency.  I suspect in most cases it’s a combination.

In my case, since my spiritual crisis last year, I have experienced depression, despair, a resurgence of negative thoughts after years and years without them, jealousy, pettiness, resentment, anger, and other assorted unpleasantness.  It’s not all at once, and it’s not constant.  Most of the time I feel appreciation, peace, joy, even bliss, as well as a deep empathy and compassion for people.  I am more patient.  I am more centered.  I am more present.  I know this progress is the result of years of very hard work, and a shorter period last year of intense and rapid growth.  So I find it very disconcerting to have these moments of darkness suddenly rear their heads, Hydra-like, and to be staring full on at my monstrous Shadow.  I don’t like it.  I feel guilty and that I should be beyond this… I feel shame.  But then it occurs to me that these responses are part of my spiritual growth as well, and that the big lesson here for me is to learn to love ALL of my parts, unconditionally.  Those of us Wounded Healers who are so hard on ourselves must learn, ultimately, to have unconditional love and compassion for every single aspect of ourselves.  To love ourselves as a whole.  To understand that within each human there is and will always be a shadow side, and to stop ignoring it, pretending it isn’t there, or believing we have somehow transcended it.

This is not “embracing the darkness.”  I have a problem with that phrase. It feels off, and an easy way out of an uncomfortable and very complex state, and I don’t trust people who tell me to “embrace my darkness.”  To be blunt, the energy of that phrase feels Satanic to me. I’m sure many people will disagree with me, and that is their right.  This is simply my truth.  I’m not going to embrace, mate with, or become a Lover of my Darkness.  What I will do is look at it, listen to it, try to learn from it with as much love, compassion and neutrality as I can, and appreciate it for its role in my soul’s evolution.  It can be my greatest teacher, I think.

One of the things I do best is space clearing. I am expert in clearing negative energies out of spaces, and have done this is some situations where it was actually quite dangerous for me to go in.  What I started to realize is that it is actually quite easy for me to do this, and, I find it to be, believe it or not, a very joyful process.  During a space clearing, I simply go into a state that feels very natural to me, and that is a state of unconditional love towards the space and everything and everyone in it.  I get out of the duality and into a state of Oneness, perceiving everything to be simply different manifestations of Source, and therefore perfect.  So, negative entities are perfect.  Ghosts are perfect. Negative energetic residue from traumatic experiences in the space or on the land are perfect.  And because I am in that state of unconditional love and neutrality, the work is done quickly, joyfully, and with relative ease.  I realize that any resistance I experience during a clearing is usually something in myself that it’s vibrating with, some frequency that I am emitting, and so I love those aspects of myself unconditionally, and then notice how it all clears rapidly, now that I have understood what was causing the resistance.

Doing this for others, however, is much easier for people like me than doing it for myself.  What I realize now is that I have to apply the same principles I use when confronted with darkness in a space clearing to my own darkness, my Shadow.  I have to do this for myself out of unconditional love and compassion for myself.  No one can do this for me.  I can’t lie on a table and have someone work on me.  This is my own work, and perhaps the greatest, most difficult work of all.

Anna Pavlakis – Seville, Spain, May 24, 2017