“Anna gets my warmest recommendations! Being a coach and energy healer myself, I see the value of working with another practitioner on a consistent basis. And Anna is absolutely phenomenal! She has helped me work through diverse issues such as sleep patterns that were off, female issues and business expansion. Anna creates a safe space where it is ok to share the things that are difficult to talk about. She holds space for what needs to be said and then she takes you on a wonderful and amazing journey to transform, transmute and heal. Now I sleep better, my issues are healing and I get better every day and my business is growing faster than ever! I am so grateful you came into my life, Anna, and I look forward to our continued journeys together! Sending you love and appreciation ❤ Are you considering working with Anna? Do it!” — Grethe Fremo-Bjørn, Florida

“Working with Anna is pure joy for me.  She is such a genuine, insightful and calming person who is powerfully connected to spirit and energies. We always start out talking like old friends about what is happening with me at the moment.  I am always shocked by her ability to pull out patterns and identify my healing needs during these talks.  After our discussion she leads me through a wonderful, relaxing guided meditation.  Once we are both in a more receptive place Anna connects to healing entities, receives incredibly meaningful soul messages and takes me on a colorful soul journey.  Today we worked on a painful family trauma that has recently come to the surface. More complicated ancestral issues manifested and needed to be released. By the end of the session I felt completely cleansed, refreshed and full of calm and hope.  That is nothing short of a miracle!! I could tell you many stories of Anna’s energy prowess.  She is, without a doubt, the real deal.  Thank you Anna!!”

Andrea Innes, UK

“Five Stars!!! How do I put into words the magical, mystical shamanic healing session I had with Anna. I felt understood, loved and surrounded by the highest of energies. After our session my life changed on a very practical level. I have spent most of my life going in and out of feeling overwhelmed. After our session I have not had that feeling again, I cleared off my desk and started working there after almost two years in this home. I had my desk but always worked at the table. After our session I just sat down there as if I had always used it and claimed this space. It has made such a difference in my life. Anna helped me to release several old patterns and energies that were keeping me from moving forward in my life with ease in a gentle yet powerful way. Without hesitation I would recommend an Integrated Soul Healing Session with Anna. If you are wanting to make lasting changes and transform your life to be more aligned with who you are at your essence and to live a life with more ease and joy do not miss the opportunity to work with her.” *****Puja Sue Flamm, Valencia, Spain, February, 2021


“I would like to start by saying this for the skeptics – I have seen quite a lot of different healers and therapists throughout my life and find that they are very hit or miss. I am a very open minded person but also very cautious to fall prey to charlatans who pose as the real thing. In previous sessions with other therapists I have felt literally nothing and that they have had very little impact on whatever situation I was going through at that time.

My session with Anna was very different. I went in open minded with zero expectations and was completely AMAZED by what happened throughout and immediately afterwards. 

About my session: I had been struggling with many things when our paths crossed – career, energy levels, relationship problems etc. It all felt like a bit of an upward battle that I was definitely not winning!

At the very beginning of the session as Anna called in the various guides and spiritual support I had a massive surge of energy jolt my body from my heart. It happened twice in close succession followed by tears that seemed to come from nowhere. I don’t even know what that was about or what it was related to – and quite frankly I don’t care –  it felt incredibly healing and that something I had been carrying for A LONG TIME was finally lifted and released. I was blown away that within a few minutes I was already experiencing such powerful shifts. After that I was taken on a sort of guided visualisation which involved (possible) past life trauma being relived and healed (I’ve never had anything like that before – it was unbelievable!). Throughout the session tears were gently rolling down my face as it felt like old trauma was being released. I felt safe and ‘held’ for the entirety of the session as Anna was talking and gently guiding me through.

When the session ended I left lighter, although a little spaced (it was 3 hours long!), extremely calm and peaceful. That night I slept soundly and woke up feeling refreshed and recharged. The shift that has occurred since our session is incredible – particularly in regard to my relationship which has been profound. My partner and I had been arguing for months on end and were close to breaking up. One of the most amazing things was not just the change in myself but the change in my partner. We have both completely softened in our approach and communication with each other. We are more in love than ever now.

My financial worries have also lifted as work requests have manifested out of the blue. It feels like everything is unfolding now in perfect timing and I have the energy and determination to focus on creating the type of work/life balance that works for me (not *to* me).

My energy levels have also dramatically increased and I am waking up excited, ready to make things happen and go about my day. After only a few hours sleep I am up and dancing around my living room in the morning feeling full of joy and gratitude to be alive. I haven’t felt like this in years! It’s like I’ve reawakened my joyous inner child. Who I was before I experienced any trauma and got weighed down by the heaviness of the world. I feel full of peace, awe, wonder, curiosity, love, and gratitude. I am so grateful to have met ‘My Shaman’. I am so grateful to Anna for honouring her journey as hard as it is and has been, so that she can share her wonderful gift with the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can’t recommend that work she does enough. It’s so hard to put into words. I suggest you take a leap of faith and experience it yourself.
Even if you don’t believe in this type of thing I recommend putting your inner skeptic aside and giving it a go (what have you got to lose if you have tried everything else?).   CL – Valencia, Spain, November 2020


“I went in with an open mind as, to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect. Anna has integrity in that she will start to tune in before the session and end the session whenever it’s finished, and will give you her full energy, attention and expertise. She uses he gift wisely, and she doesn’t mess around with it. I started shaking, had an urge to invert my body, and feel a lot was purged and achieved in our session. Certainly a unique and unexpected experience and came away feeling lighter. Whether you are well-versed with shamanic healing and lore, or a newbie like me, I trust in Anna 100%, so you will be in good hands.” S.A.E. – London, England, October 2020

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  • “I’d been rather lost for a considerable amount of time following a life-altering event that seemed to have me trapped and was not letting me see things clearly or move forward with my life.  I had tried more traditional methods of “getting over it” including visits to a psychologist and pharmacological therapy and nothing seemed to work.  Out of the blue my paths crossed with Anna and, when I found out that she did soul healing, something just clicked within me.  I had no idea what “Integrated Soul Healing” meant, but somehow I thought that it might be a solution to my problem.
  • Remarkably, after meeting Anna but even before I explained my situation to her to see if her services might be appropriate in my situation, I felt that something was different inside me.  We spoke and she told me that she could help me and referred me to her website to learn more about what she could do for me.  We set up an appointment.
  • It’s hard to describe the session with Anna.  I was completely inexperienced in this type of therapy, but open-minded enough to go through with it and see if it would lead me on a new path.  Within 60 seconds of Anna finalizing the session, a massive hail storm pummeled the city sending a clear sign of cleansing as far as I was concerned.
  • Since that session I’ve been following Anna’s advice and can honestly say that I feel I’ve turned a corner.  Not out of the woods yet, but the session with Anna was exceptionally helpful and I think that those in need should seek out this type of therapy in hopes of overcoming their problem.” Nicholas Stompoly – Seville, Spain, May 9, 2019

“Llevaba mucho tiempo perdido después de un evento que me cambió la vida y que me tenía atrapado y sin capaz ver nada claro ni de seguir adelante.  Había experimentado con métodos más tradicionales de “superarlo” incluyendo visitas a una psicóloga y terapia farmacológica y nada funcionó.  De repente conocí a Anna y, cuando me enteré que se dedicaba a sanar el alma, supe que algo importante me había ocurrido.  No tenía ni idea lo que era “Curación del Alma Integrada”, pero de algún modo pensé que podría ser la solución que buscaba.

Asombrosante, una vez que conocí a Anna, pero incluso antes de explicarme mi situación para saber si sus “servicios” me ayudarían, sentí que algo había cambiado dentro de mi.  Hablamos y ella me contó que sí, podría ayudarme y me envío el enlace a su página web para que viera lo que podría hacer por mí.  Fijamos una cita.

Me cuesta describir mi sesión con Anna.  No tenía ninguna experiencia con su tipo de terapia, pero tenía la mente abierta para llevar al cabo la sesión para ver si me abriría un nuevo camino.  Al minuto de finalizar la sesíon con Anna, un enorme tormenta de granizo se estalló en la ciudad, una señal limpieza en toda regla.

Desde la sesión he seguido el consejo de Anna y puedo decir sinceramente que siento que he doblado una esquina.  Todo no está solucionado, pero la sesión con Anna me ayudó de una manera que jamás podré explicar y recomiendo a cualquier persona que busca ayude que lo intenté.”  Nicholas Stompoly – Sevilla, España

  • “I can’t say enough about Anna’s work as a healer! We had a really powerful healing session. Prior to our session, I felt stuck, chaotic, drained and out of balance in many areas of my life (home, career, relationships, etc). Anna helped me find parallels in feng shui and chi blockages in my home and what was happening around me. We did an intense visualization meditation in which family traumas were revealed and cleared, plus other important symbols and insights were revealed that have brought clarity and a sense of peace. She also provided me exercises to do after our session to continue to integrate the healing as well as to clear any lingering blockages. The session with her cleared some lack consciousness that was draining me financially. Plus it opened up a greater wealth and abundance consciousness–right after our session, I got an unexpected work request out of the blue from a former client! On top of everything else, Anna is very compassionate, a great listener and easy to talk to–she made me feel special, like our session was the most important thing for her at that moment. Can’t wait for our next session! I highly recommend Anna for healing sessions!”   Alexandra Figueredo-Miami, FL
  • “I’ve been very lucky to have a number of different sessions with Anna. She did an Integrated Soul Healing session with me last spring and although I didn’t know what to expect, she was amazingly skilled, kind and respectful. During the session, she was able to pinpoint and heal some neurological issues, as well as working on healing my heart chakra which was very affected due to a recent loss. She also removed a negative entity that had taken advantage of my vulnerable emotional state, causing some very inexplicable, negative mood swings. During one session, she channeled my soul and was able to give me further insights on my soul purpose. Additionally, Anna recommended some techniques, literature and practices to help me further my spiritual progress. Her advice was spot on and I continue to refer to everything she recommended. On another occasion, Anna came to my home and did some energetic space clearing. The energy in my apartment immediately felt clearer and she shared what she had found in my apartment and gave me some basic tips on how to clear my environment. Anna’s low key and knowledgeable manner will reassure anyone who may not have much experience in the realm of energy healing, and the results she achieves will make anyone a true fan. I look forward to working with her again.” Mitsi–Barcelona
  • “I had an incredible, life changing experience with Anna. She targeted my womb and helped me address and let go of childhood abuse and trauma.  After the first session, my abdomen region literally changed immediately and my pants didn’t fit. I had to go down an entire size. The following session was equally successful. Even my husband has noticed the diffence in my physique. Astonishing but true. My clothes fit differently and I feel healthier and more centeredThe tender areas in my abdominal region due to my fibroids are healed and I no longer have discomfort due to pressure from them. I believe not only have some actually dissapeared but others have shrunk as a result of my healings with Anna.” E.F. Washington D.C.
  • “Anna is a superb channel who comes completely from her heart space, exceptional integrity and a place of non-judgment. Her work literally goes to the soul of any situation and brings to light the deepest truth for what I have experienced as life-changing transformation. I have no hesitation in recommending Anna as one of the purest channels I have had the pleasure of working with on my journey of self-realization. She is truly a privilege and a divine gift in every sense. My gratitude for the healing she has facilitated is unbounded.” –Amy, NY
  • “Anna is an extremely personable and gifted intuitive and Feng Shui Specialist who has done space clearings for me that have yielded remarkable results! I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs or desires these kinds of services. She’s truly a gem and her work will change your environment and life in very positive and helpful ways!”
    Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity –Lisa R., NY
  • “Anna Pavlakis does great work. She came to our house in Burke, VA on two occasions. The first was to clear our house and the second was to work on realigning some energy in our upstairs bedroom. After her first visit, my husband received a huge raise.  After her second visit, he received another big raise! Also our energy in our bedroom calmed down and our leak in our sink, below our bedroom fixed itself as did our dishwasher. Great work. I would highly recommend her services.” –Elizabeth Fischer, Burke VA
  • “ It was a great evening. Anna shared with us so many ‘tricks of the trade’ about clearing space. She is a good speaker, and everything was exceptionally well presented. I was impressed with the handouts. Although I took notes, Anna provided handouts with a detailed outline of the topics. We had some time to clear the space in the meeting room, and I think the experience was invaluable in learning to sense changes in the energy of the room. Thank you, Anna! ”--Janice Kuhl, NY on Anna’s Space Clearing workshop
  • “Anna’s obvious skill in applying the techniques of Feng Shui is further enhanced by her sensitivity, intuition, creativity and aesthetic sense.  I rearranged and repainted some rooms as per her thoughtful suggestions and am delighted with the results, both visually and energetically. Anna also readjusted my wood chi in just one session and changed my plant karma forever.  Anna, my plants and I thank you.”–Jennifer I., NY